Thursday, July 28, 2005

GnuPG 1.4.2 is released.

GnuPG 1.4.2 がリリースされました。

What's New

* New command "verify" in the card-edit menu to display
the Private-DO-3. The Admin command has been enhanced to take
the optional arguments "on", "off" and "verify". The latter may
be used to verify the Admin Pin without modifying data; this
allows displaying the Private-DO-4 with the "list" command.

* Rewrote large parts of the card code to optionally make use of a
running gpg-agent. If --use-agent is being used and a gpg-agent
with enabled scdaemon is active, gpg will now divert all card
operations to that daemon. This is required because both,
scdaemon and gpg require exclusive access to the card reader. By
delegating the work to scdaemon, both can peacefully coexist and
scdaemon is able to control the use of the reader. Note that
this requires at least gnupg 1.9.17.

* Fixed a couple of problems with the card reader.

* Command completion is now available in the --edit-key and
--card-edit menus. Filename completion is available at all
filename prompts. Note that completion is only available if the
system provides a readline library.

* New experimental HKP keyserver helper that uses the cURL
library. It is enabled via the configure option --with-libcurl
like the other (also experimental) cURL helpers. Please make
sure to also apply the attached patch.

* New key cleaning options that can be used to remove unusable
(expired, revoked) signatures from a key. This is available via
the new "clean" command in --edit-key on a key by key basis, as
well as via the import-clean-sigs/import-clean-uids and
export-clean-sigs/export-clean-uids options for --import-options
and --export-options. These are currently off by default, and
replace the import-unusable-sigs/export-unusable-sigs options
from version 1.4.1.

* New export option export-reset-subkey-passwd.

* New option --limit-card-insert-tries.

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