Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Indian gov blocks Blogspot, Typepad, Geocities blogs

Report: Indian gov blocks Blogspot, Typepad, Geocities blogs

India's Department of Telecommunications (DoT) passed an order to ISPs Friday to block several websites. The list is confidential. Indian ISPs have been slowly coming into compliance. SpectraNet, MTNL, Reliance, and as of Monday afternoon, Airtel. State-backed BSNL and VSNL have not started yet but likely will soon. The known list of blocked domains is *.blogspot.com, *.typepad.com and geocities.com/*.

Yes folks, the Indian government has decided to censor blogs and refused to explain why.
インドの政府が ISP に命じて幾つかのブログのドメインをブロックしているそうで、そのリストは非公開で、理由を説明する事も拒否しているそうです。ブロックされているブログにはこの blogspot.com も含まれています。



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