Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Jimmy Wales to Beijing: Wikipedia won't censor

Boing Boing: Jimmy Wales to Beijing: Wikipedia won't censor
Monday, September 11, 2006
Jimmy Wales to Beijing: Wikipedia won't censor

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales has refused to censor the content on the Chinese version of Wikipedia, resulting in its being blocked by the Chinese government. Google, Yahoo and others have folded to demands from Beijing's totalitarian bureaucrats, but Wikipedia has stood firm. Predictably, Beijing has come to Wikipedia to ask them for some kind of peace-treaty, because China can ill-afford to block critical information resources if it is to remain economically strong. If only Google and Yahoo's executives were as confident in the importance of their services as Wales is of Wikipedia.

Google, Yahoo その他が北京の全体主義の官僚の要求に屈したが、Wikipedia の創設者の Jimmy Wales は中国版のウィキペディアのコンテンツに対する検閲を拒否したそうです。 eusa_clap

外国通信社の中国領土における報道情報についての管理法令のニュースもありますが、中国は鎖国でも始めそうな雰囲気です。 mrgreen
こういう要求を受け入れる報道機関(日本の殆どの報道機関ですが)は偉そうに報道の自由などと言わないで欲しいと思います。また、他人の事をダブル・スタンダードなどと責める資格も有りません。 mad


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