Sunday, September 25, 2005

MMS 1.1.8-Beta Available.

Mixminion Message Sender が 1.1.8 にアップデートされたそうです。
ちょとは使えるようになったのかな・・・ raiseeyebrow

09/24/05 -1.1.8-Beta
Removed '--config=' options from all commandlines allowing the 'mixminionrc'
config file to exist in it's default directory, which in windows is
a subdirectory of the mixminion install dir named ~ (thats a single tilde)

Changed Create SURB so that number of hops are now controlled by the setting
on the main form

Fixed Create surb not exiting subroutine when 'Cancel' button selected on
any of it's inputs.

Added msgbox in the create SURB routine to remind user about SURB lifetime
and advise how to change the default seven day value.

Added 'No SURB Lifetime Reminder' to Options menu, if checked, the above
msgbox will stay quiet.

The "Add" buttons no longer clear the value being added

The 'Create Dummy Packet' function now uses the first and last hop selectors
and the number of hops selector to determine dummy traffic paths.


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将来的には Mixminion に移行していく事に成ると思いますが、今の進み具合を見るともう少し先の話ではないかと思います。
関連アプリを開発したいとか技術的に興味があるとかでなければ、Mixmaster を使うべきだと思います。