Monday, September 26, 2005

rbtor が新しくリメイラー・ネットワークに。

Type 1&2 remailer rbtor がテスト運用を開始。
サーバは Reliable の Panta Mods だそうです。

リメイラー名: rbtor

PGP and mix keys の取得は e-mail to:
Subject: remailer-key

remailer configuration の取得は e-mail to:
Subject: remailer-conf
Subject: remailer-stats

Admin key の取得は e-mail to:
Subject: remailer-adminkey

それから退場していた Daat が復活という未確認情報もあります。
消えていくニュースが多かったので、こういう新しく入ってくるニュースはうれしいです。 smile

USENET に投稿された rbtor admin の記事を添付しておきます。
-------------------------------------------------- is finally ready for real on line testing.

Volunteers would be greatly appreciated.

Remailer name: rbtor
Remailer address:

To obtain public PGP and mix keys, send blank e-mail to:
Subject: remailer-key

To obtain remailer configuration, send blank e-mail to:
Subject: remailer-conf
Subject: remailer-stats

To obtain Admin key, send blank e-mail to:
Subject: remailer-adminkey

The remailer is running:
Mercury/32 version: Mercury/32, v4.01a
Reliable v1.0.6rc2 panta - Panta Mods installed
JBN2 with Panta Mods
PGP 6.58ckt
Mixmaster 2.9b39
Mail client for text and PGP encrypted mail to Admin: The Bat 2.10.03
personal edition
DynDNS Updater in the unlikely event of an IP change.
McAffee Security Center with Firewall and Antivirus.

The PC is dedicated to a remailer at this time.
At a later date, it will also host a Tor node and posibly a Type 3

The PC is a Dell Optiplex, 3.2 Ghz, 80 Gb hard disk.
The PC, Cable Modem, and Router are connected to a dedicated UPS to provide
a minimum of 5 minutes or more uptime in the event of a short power outage.
The UPS is monitored via a USB connection.
Switching between it and the Primary PC is via a USB hardware/software

I would greatly appreciate any guidance that anyone has to offer on my
configuration of Reliable. At this time, I am not sending out dummy traffic
so bare in mind that volume may be low initially.

I have not figured out how to get the Anon Post Directive to work. At this
time it is disabled. Any help would be much appreciated.

This has been a couple of week process (in my little spare time) to get it
setup. Since the PC (3 months old) was returned from a cusomer site where
it was being used as a Human Machine Interface, and a revamp of the network
required the addition of a card that would not fit into the small case, I
relegated it to service here.

In the very basic steps, I wiped the hard drive, low level formatted it and
re-installed the OS (XP Pro). That in itself was a chore.

Well, I think the biggest part of the ordeal is behind me. Now I am asking
for help and or suggestions to improve the reliabity and configuration of

Regards all and thanks, I have followed all the threads on this same
subject with great interest.

Of course, if this does not show up, I still have a hole somewhere :)

Regards to all,
Admin rbtor



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