Saturday, September 10, 2005

Roger Dingledine のインタビューの記事が出ています。

Roger Dingledine(Tor, Mixminion のマネージャーとでも言うのでしょうか?) のインタビューの記事が出ています。
Netkwesties - magazine over internet en samenleving

でもオランダ語で書かれているので、以前のイタリア語の記事に続いてフォースの力 force をもってしても読み取る事は出来ませんでした。 surrender
どなたかオランダ語の分かる方がいらっしゃいましたら翻訳して下さい。 sad


Anonymous said...


Why is the installation not that easy yet in Windows?

"None of the Tor-developers use Windows, they are all Linux-people. We
hope that others will write patches for Windows or make a good
installer, so that it will become easier. But I am not going to do that
myself. In only focus on Tor itself. The EFF has started a competition
where people can write a better user interface for Tor.
It would be great if a single package will be developed where all
settings and utilities would work by simple installing one simple
program. There is such a thing for the Mac, not for Windows. It will
probably happen some day, it is just that someone else must make this
for us. Until then Windows users won't have a very userfriendly system.

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