Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Sony BMG's sour note
Oregon weighs a lawsuit against the record label over secret software
Monday, November 28, 2005

Oregon's Department of Justice has "opened an investigation" into this tactic in response to complaints e-mailed to the agency's consumer inbox. If the state decides to sue Sony BMG, it will follow the state of Texas and the non-profit Electronic Frontier Foundation, which sued the music label separately last week. Texas says the hidden code violates the state's spyware law, and the EFF says the company violated consumer protection laws. Other class-action suits are pending, and the Italian government is contemplating a criminal case of its own.
オレゴン州司法省は消費者からの苦情に応じ、Sony BMG(のXCP)の調査を始めた。
もし、Sony BMG を提訴することを決定すれば、テキサス州、EFF に続くことになる。


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