Saturday, November 12, 2005

Sony は "rootkit" CDs の生産を一時停止するようです。

Sony to stop making "rootkit" CDs

Beleaguered Sony BMG will temporarily suspend the manufacture of CDs protected with technology from First 4 Internet and re-examine its copy-protection strategy, the media giant said on Friday.
Sony は "rootkit" CDs の生産を一時停止して、著作権保護の戦略を再検討するようです。

Sony BMG faces digital-rights siege
At least three other firms are preparing class-action lawsuits as well. New York attorney Scott Kamber is preparing a case against Sony BMG on behalf of multiple clients. San Francisco-based law firm Green Welling will be filing a lawsuit against Sony to recover damages caused to consumers by the media giant's copy protection scheme, said Robert Green, a partner with the firm. A number of people have contacted the firm after the Sony BMG software, or their attempts to remove the software, damaged their systems, Green said.

In addition, Chicago-based law firm Cirignani Heller Harman & Lynch will be filing a class-action law suit, said Ethan Preston, an attorney working with CHHL.

少なくとも後3つの (New York, San Francisco, Chicago) 集団訴訟が準備されているようです。
"Our artists and our customers are pretty upset, but we are in talks with Sony BMG about this issue," the spokesperson said. "We are not pursuing any legal avenues yet."

あるアーティスト・サイドはこういう物だと知らなかったので動揺しているようですが、現在 Sony BMG とこの問題について話し合っていて法的な事は考えていないと言っています。


でも、全くかばう気にはなれないな。 biggrin
bye-bye SONY.


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