Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Spitzer Gets on Sony BMG's Case
New York's Attorney General has turned his attention to Sony BMG's copyright-protection fiasco

"It is unacceptable that more than three weeks after this serious vulnerability was revealed, these same CDs are still on shelves, during the busiest shopping days of the year," Spitzer said in a written statement. "I strongly urge all retailers to heed the warnings issued about these products, pull them from distribution immediately, and ship them back to Sony."
ニューヨーク州司法長官 Eliot Spitzer は「この深刻な問題が明らかになってから3週間以上にもなるのにまだCDが販売されているのは受け入れられない」と小売業者にこれらのCDを引き上げ、ソニーに送り返すように強く警告したそうです。
Spitzer's consumer warning came days after Texas Attorney General Abbott filed the suit against the company in Travis County, Texas. Abbott is seeking fines against Sony BMG of $100,000 per violation. A spokesman for Spitzer's office in New York City declined to comment on the attorney general's plans beyond the consumer warning, other than to say the office is "looking into" the matter.
テキサス州は1つの違反に付き $100,000 を求めて提訴しているが、ニューヨーク州は「この問題を調査している」という以上のコメントを控えています。
In April, Spitzer's office had brought suit against Intermix Media, a Los Angeles-based firm. The suit followed a six-month investigation that culminated in allegations that Intermix had installed advertising software on home computers without having given those consumers ample notice. Intermix agreed to settle the suit and was required to pay $7.5 million. The company also had to accept a ban on the distribution of adware programs in the future.
4月に Spitzer は Intermix Media に消費者に十分に知らせる事なく広告ソフトをインストールしたとして訴え、$7.5 million と将来広告ソフトを配布しないと受け入れさせたという事です。
これは期待できるかも知れません。 smile



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