Sunday, March 19, 2006


MPAA/RIAA/BSA: No breaking DRM, even if it's killing you (literally!)

The BSA, MPAA and RIAA have officially objected to a proposal to let the public break DRM that "threatens critical infrastructure and endangers lives." They argue that if it becomes legal to break DRM that could kill you that it might harm their business:
In order to protect their ability to deploy this dangerous DRM, they want the Copyright Office to withhold from users permission to uninstall DRM software that actually does threaten critical infrastructure and endanger lives.
Link (via EFF Minilinks)

The BSA, MPAA and RIAA は正式にインフラや生命を脅かす DRM を一般大衆が破る事を認める提案に異議を唱えたそうです。
もし、あなたを殺すかもしれない DRM を破る事が合法に成ると、彼らのビジネスに有害かもしれない。

って、これって本当に言ったのかな? confused


カナダの CRIA の記事でも読んで頭を冷やせ。

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