Saturday, March 18, 2006

Enigma project cracks second code

Enigma project cracks second code

The second break has occurred on March 7th, 2006. The signal in question is the third of the intercepts in Erskine's letter. You can read the raw server logs as well as an interpretation and translation.
以前に M4 Message Breaking Project を紹介しましたが、3つの暗号の2つ目の暗号が解読されたそうです。 eusa_clap


0425 Outgoing Radio Signal 0246/21/203:
Found nothing on convoy's course 55°, [I am] moving to
the ordered [naval] square. Position naval square AJ 3995.
[wind] south-east [force] 4, sea [state] 3, 10/10 cloudy,
[barometer] [10]28 mb [tendency] rising, fog, visibility 1 nautical mile.

別に特別な内容はなくても何か歴史の浪漫を感じます。 biggrin

残りは後一つですね。何か刺激的な内容の暗号であれば面白いのですが、期待しています。 thumbsup

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